From Government Officials
From Government Officials
From Clients
From Government Officials
province of british columbia “Your work, on behalf of your clients here in the province [of BC] and across the country, has resulted in new business for exporters from across the country. We congratulate you on your successes. This is good for the Province and for Canada.”
Colin Hansen, Minister of Economic Development 
Province of British Columbia

logo port metro vancouver“There will be more business in Canada with the help of the Canada Export Centre.”
Capt. Gordon Houston, CEO & President
Port of Vancouver

logo city of vancouver“The Canada Export Centre is absolutely critical not only to Vancouver but to Canada. In January we did a mission to China and pretty much blanketed the region with literature on this new centre. I am glad it is in my city.”
Mr. Larry Campbell, Mayor (at the time)
City of Vancouver

canada parliament“We’ve got to diversify our markets abroad. Vancouver is the gateway to the Asia Pacific for Canada. What has already been accomplished by this organization, and its ability to open up markets for companies involved, certainly caught my attention. We look forward to helping out wherever we can at all levels of government.”
Hon. Stephen Owen
Member of Parliament

british columbia“BC is known globally as Canada’s Pacific Gateway and it’s no wonder that a facility would emerge to help facilitate these global trading relationships. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that this is going to be one busy place. People looking to export and import in thru and around Canada are going to gather here as they pursue these business relationships.”
Hon. John Les
BC Solicitor General

city of surrey“As you travel around the world, you see centres like this in international cities and certainly to have it here in Vancouver and operating for the country as a whole is a tremendous achievement. It is a very successful project already and will be well used.”
Mr. Doug McCallum, Mayor (at the time)
City of Surrey

yukon economic development“Canada Export Centre fills a huge void and provides a vehicle to assist the private sector to develop stronger networks with foreign companies, investors and governments. The Canada Export Centre provides the conduit for trade going out and investment coming in. Participating in the Canada Export Centre strengthens our activities in the international market.”
Eugene Lysy
Deputy Minister of Economic Development Yukon

foreign affairs canadaCanada Export Centre opens a window on Canadian company capabilities in exploring the world market. We believe that it will play a positive role in promoting two-way trade between Canada and China.”
Dongsheng Bai

Mexico Trade Mission
From Government Officialscanadian gold“I personally did not know what to expect, but from the first breakfast meeting I was very impressed. My experience over the following days was one that is hard to put in words. The words “wow, amazing, impressive, excellent” are a few that came to mind as we were meeting with various companies.

Not only were these meetings well orchestrated but the support Rene and I received from Paco and Roxana was tremendous to say the least. Because of their presence before, during and after our meetings with the companies I can honestly say we would not be in the position we are in going forward. They were the catalyst that cemented the relationships we made with the different buyers and added a great deal of credibility to Canadian Gold Beverages Inc. in the eyes of these individuals.

Although these buyers spoke English, Paco and Roxana guided and facilitated the discussions that will no doubt lead to some sales agreements.
Michel Audette, President & CEO
Canadian Gold Beverages Inc.

 “We have really appreciated working with Canada Export Center. Thanks to your dedicated team our company has made major advances in growing our market throughout Mexico and Central America. Your team came right alongside of us and became part of our team. Not just did you help us to get contacts all over Mexico and Central America you went the extra mile helping us close the deal and even solving problems after the deal was closed. We here at Nexgen Filtration would like to congratulate you for the superb and  professional service you are able to give. We’re excited about working together with you in the future.“ 

Denver Penner, President
Nexgen Filtration  “On behalf of Garth and myself please pass on our much appreciated thanks to your team of experts. You all worked extremely hard and were very dedicated and we at LBS really appreciate your efforts. We look forward to moving forward together in our ventures ahead. Thanks to all who contributed and supported us with our Chile project”
Robert Andrews, President
L.B.S. Lubrication Units Inc.  

chlorophylle logo“We mandated Canada Export Centre to find us a distributor in Japan and I must congratulate them on the speed and diligence they took to execute this work. We now anticipate replacing our current distributor faster than originally thought. Your work with us has been remarkable and greatly appreciated. In my opinion Canada Export Centre is an essential help to SMBs (Small-to-Mid-Size Businesses) like ours looking to enter new markets.”
Daniel Lemay, Operations Manager

“Within days of joining the CEC, I was introduced, face to face, to a number of targeted contacts in Saudi Arabia. The contacts made have been absolutely invaluable. The CEC staff are always there for me and they quickly understood my business and what I’m working to accomplish with it.”
Jim Barnum, President
Spectrum Skateparks

wine expert logo“Thanks to Canada Export Centre, the client we now have in Korea is continuing to increase their orders and has become our strongest customer in Asia resulting in more sales per month.”
Jeff J. Anderson, Export Market Manager
Winexpert Inc.

“The Canada Export Centre has really helped open our eyes to other markets! We are now working with a couple of different parties on developing long-term relationships and looking for ways to bottle our product differently with partnerships overseas (in China). The contacts that Canada Export Centre provides are also very helpful.”
Jean-Hugues Ruel, President
Export 2002

natures formula“It is my pleasure to recommend the Canada Export Centre and their exceptional staff. Since joining their program I have received numerous qualified leads from around the world. Not only are many of these leads promising, they continue to pour in. I have enjoyed using the wonderful facility and boardrooms available for these meetings while in Vancouver and also appreciate onsite translators and country specific data support. The Canada Export Centre staff are high caliber,showing great attention to detail in their professional and friendly approach to making international business easier for us. I feel quite confident in their ability to represent our company’s features and benefits to the many delegates that tour their facility it’s like having our own international sales force. I’m excited about our future together and proud to say – they go the extra mile!”
Stephen Case, Director, Business Development
Nature’s Formula

cloverdale paint“During one of your Chinese trade missions from the Henan Province in China, your staff got me in touch with Mr. Xin Min Li. Mr. Li’s company is the second largest construction company in Henan Province. We, Cloverdale Paint, have now signed a 3 year contract with Mr. Li to be our exclusive distributor of Cloverdale Paint in Henan Province. The first 40 foot container will be shipped by the end of this month. The total purchase for Mr. Li within this 3 years contract is minimum CAD 1,500,000.00. Thank you for the lead!”
Marty McKinnon, Vice President
Cloverdale Paint

rocky mountaineer“Canada Export Centre exceeded our expectations by not only showcasing our products, but by actively delivering new business to us and following up to provide support with the opportunities. We are happy to renew for a second year!”
Nicole De Wilde, Vice President, Sales and Business Development
Rocky Mountaineer Vacations

safety bath“Safety Bath’s first container shipment to Australia was a result of over a year of hard work and our participation with Canada Export Centre. It was also at the Centre where an international visitor learned of our products and led to a deal with a Russian company now looking to become an authorized representative.”
Don Hardy, Sales Manager
Safety Bath Inc.

canadian association of importers and exporters“I am very excited that Canada will now have the type of facility that has built new export business in other countries. Having seen the amazing success of the New Zealand facility I know this is an excellent opportunity for Canadian exporters looking for ways to increase their exports.”
Bob Armstrong President and CEO (at the time)
Import Export Canada (IE Canada)

international composting corporation“As a result of introductions from the Centre we have prepared proposals worth over $100 Million in Mexico, China and Saskatchewan. To-date, $30M of them have been signed and delivered.”
Kris Obrigewitsch
International Composting Corporation

seprotech logo“I was bowled over that we got a great lead before the Canada Export Centre even cashed our cheque! We never would have known about that opportunity without the Centre. The client requires our services in Ecuador and in Northern BC. This gives us great visibility that we never could have had before!”
Wilf Stefan
Seprotech Systems Inc.

terra nostra chocolate organic logo“We developed relations with 26 qualified companies, from which 9 buyers expressed strong interest in doing business with our company. We expect new orders of $1-2 Million Annually.”
Karlo Flores
Terra Nostra Chocolate

safety bath logo“Canada Export Centre has lived up to all of its promises and the results are far beyond our expectations. We are now working on three major export agreements in Australia, Chile and Russia. Joining the Centre has fast tracked our export development program.”
Ladimir Kowalchuk
Safety Bath

the winexpert logo“We signed a Distributor Agreement with a Korean company introduced through the Canada Export Centre in the early summer. Shipped their first of many container loads of product to the distributor (~$85,000) in August. I am very happy with the results. Keep it coming!”
Jeff Anderson
The WineExpert

weir jones group logog“Canada Export Centre generated contacts in Beijing who are a solid match for our company. Together, we are setting up a series of pilot projects with Chinese mining safety and the Navy. These relationships will lead to long term partnerships and the expansion of our products and market share overseas.”
Scott Taylor
Weir-Jones / Terrascience Group

sei industries logo“On very short notice the Canada Export Centre was able to take action with assisting us in identifying the key players in the aerial firefighting sector in Australia. We could rest easy knowing you had all the bases covered in our search for an agent.”

“I also like the weekly e-blasts. In particular, your piece on Paraguay segued nicely into a recent trip to the area. We had a meeting with some of the key players in the forestry sector down there. Power lines are being built across the entire country and they need assistance with products for controlled burns for keeping vegetation growth down.”
Shawn Bethel
Division Manager, SEI Industries