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For most executives the year end break is not just a time to recharge batteries it is also a time to reflect on the previous year, establish new goals and reinvigorate those around them. 

2009, for the Canada Export Centre (CEC), as with many companies, was a year of transition and building. The end of 2008 marked a turning point for CEC. Companies were showing us that they needed strong, motivated partners and sales forces in the targeted overseas markets to help them succeed.

In response we set upon an aggressive plan to open overseas offices, perform deeper work for fewer – better – clients and help see transactions through to fruition.

Now, 12 months on, I am extremely proud of the accomplishments of the CEC Team.

In January 2009 – 1 year ago – we had one office. Today we have 10 offices: Vancouver, Mexico City, Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai, Dubai, Seoul, Manila, St. Petersburg, and São Paulo.

In January 2009 our services were rather inflexible. Today you will see that everything we do is built on accumulating successe and is customized to the specific needs of our clients, yielding much better results for all involved. Click here to see more details about our services.

CEC is now, among other things, selling: honey to Japan; aerospace related products to Brazil and China; car lifts to Iran; mining equipment to Russia and Brazil; skin care products to Hong Kong and China; wood products to the Middle East; Korea and China; wireless communication devices to Brazil; food products to Mexico; tire-recycling to China; paint to China and Mexico; clothing and auto parts to China; as well as building a water park in China.

We are also in the process of sourcing, for our clients, sorely needed investment dollars from Middle Eastern and Asian entrepreneurs looking to invest in companies based in Canada and other business centres. Interests range from aerospace to property, food manufacturing, clothing and industrial products. 

In 2010 we are looking to capitalize on our international selling, purchasing and financing networks. We will continue to leverage our experiences and expanding network and to “partner” with our clients for mutual benefits.

Canada Export Centre is driven to work with companies striving to succeed overseas!

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to position your company successfully in today’s volatile global marketplace.

May you have a prosperous 2010!

Kind regards,

Mark Mensing, CEO

PS: I am leaving you with one last message, because I think it is important. Find excitement in your work. You spend an extraordinary amount of time working. By doing it well the excitement will be found.

“If you have a task to perform and are vitally interested in it, excited and challenged by it, then you will exert maximum energy. But in the excitement, the pain of fatigue dissipates, and the exuberance of what you hope to achieve overcomes the weariness.” Former president of the US, Jimmy Carter.