Successful partnership between Canada Export Centre and European Chamber of Commerce

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was held the Carrefour Europe 10th edition in Montreal. This year, a new version was created to provide a better exchange between the many participants. One of the goals was to create a better impact on specifics opportunities for small and medium size companies. Among the participants we could find different types of people such as, European committees, manufacturers, business people, government associations, employees and export/import consultants. Round tables were created to give the chance to discuss and negotiate on interesting subjects regarding the actuality as how financing a business expansion to Europe or the transfer of technology on a transatlantic context. Each table was represented by experts who were debating on a specific country’s situation. After 30 minutes, the participants were moving from one table to another so they can attend more than one discussion. Thus, Carrefour Europe was a wonderful opportunity for any company who wish to expand its market overseas and who want to learn more about business strategies in a European context. More than 140 people were participating at this event. Thanks to many partners and organizers that comprise different chambers of commerce and delegations from the following countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, France and Italy. More than 140 people have been able to participate at the luncheon conference and about 70 lecturers were present at the plenary session and roundtables.

Canada Export Centre was among the marketing partners who were providing some help in the distribution of information and the promotion of the event. Canada Export Centre is really implicated in business opportunities overseas and is always aware of news that concern European actualities. Therefore, it was important for Gerardo Reyna, business development manager in Quebec, to participate to this event not only to learn more about the actual situation of Europe but also to have a better knowledge in a manner to transfer it to its clients and to help them in a better way.

Many interesting opportunities are more and more provided to Canadian companies who wish to export to Europe. Indeed, according to the Government of Canada, the EU became a strategic partner for Canada and thus, since many years. International business is characterised by a better accessibility, more precisely between Canada and Europe. For example, according to the report “Canada-European Union: Comprehensive economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) Negotiations” written by Canadian Government, the Canadian exportations of goods and services to EU members reached 49.2 billions of dollars in 2010.

Moreover, Canada is considering EU as their second commercial partner for the exchange of goods and services: an interesting situation for Canada Export Centre who has been able to detect this new opportunity. The company even benefits from this situation by transferring it into a future plan to Europe with a first office in Russia. With the help of international development experts, Canada Export Centre has a great position to know more about the opportunities in Europe for many different companies with which he’s working and in the understanding of the wealth and issues offered by different markets.

To conclude, the implication of European markets in Canadian companies is more and more important. However, it is helpful to build a strong and structured business strategy to be able to well prepare the entrance in Europe. Canada Export Centre has the expertise and the necessary tools to determinate which market respond better to the client’ offers and to what exactly they are looking for in terms of market. Moreover, Canada Export Centre is always ready to support any activities or events such as Carrefour Europe in order to bring new prospects to its clients. As mentioned by Canada Export Centre CEO, Mark Mensing: “Canada Export Centre is seen as a real partner for activities and events that are related to international commerce in order to create value and real opportunities that will promote the development of companies.”