export strategy development groupOur Mission
The single focus of the Export Strategy Development Group is to generate export revenue for our clients. To that end we apply proprietary marketing tools, market information and leverage our extensive network of global partners to ensure the success of our client’s export marketing plans.Market Launch Process
We employ a well defined structured approach to develop and implement a comprehensive Export Market Strategy for our clients. This process starts with a full understanding and definition of the client’s needs and objectives and culminates with the product’s successful launch resulting in revenue generation and increased sales for our client.
What We Do For Our Clients
The Export Strategy Development Group leverages a number of methods, tools and capabilities to provide extensive export marketing support and expertise, tailored to deliver competitive insights to meet the client’s unique needs and paving the way for revenue generation.We facilitate the development of a client-specific “market strategy” which has as its prime objective the definition and identification of the target market based on the client’s needs and requirements, highlighting and quantifying the opportunities and risks that the target market presents.We utilize extensive internal data bases and, where necessary, external information sources to assist clients in their search for profitable export markets and to measure and specify the real business returns and potential challenges and risks that will have to be addressed to achieve the client’s business objectives

Our global partners situated throughout the world are fully engaged to assist our clients. They provide local expertise on current and future market opportunities and risks.

They are knowledgeable of and conversant with local cultural norms and ensure that the client marketing plans are based on a full understanding of the local market. In addition they assist in the identification of suitable business partners for our clients. We ensure the client’s brand and products benefit from optimum exposure to the targeted export market. We develop effective communication messages and information packages that effectively and properly promote the product and we optimize the internet as a cost effective resource to optimize the client’s visibility to the target markets.

We provide a broad range of integrated services to assist the client in such matters as translation services, ongoing education on local cultural, regulatory and political issues which may impact the client’s plans.

Our objective is to ensure that the client is properly and comprehensively informed on the target markets and is able to make informed decisions regarding that market.

Client Relationship Process Model
This process ensures that all organization resources and capabilities are optimized and effectively aligned to support the client objectives.

client relationship process model