sales leadGenerate Sales Opportunities
Frustrated with poor lead follow-up results? Canada Export Centre’s overseas offices are equipped to act as an extension of your international sales team.

Managing Your Leads From Foreign Countries

  • For clients not adequately dealing with their existing leads
  • Sorting tool to save your professional staff’s time

Extension of Your Sales Team

  • Language support and coachingenhanced lead generation
  • In-market sales services
  • Negotiation support

Managing Leads Generated by Canada Export Centre

  • Included in the Canada Export Centre advertising programs
  • Qualifying leads
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Multilingual follow-up

Distribution Channel Expansion

  • Extension of the research projects
  • Working with executive advisors to identify and support channel partners
Language, culture, time zones and different business practices can prevent companies from successfully engaging new clients and developing long-term overseas business relationships. These services are customized to help you overcome those challenges.