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Saudi ArabiaNot familiar with the Arabian Shield?  Why would you be – the area has barely been touched. All you need to know is this: the Saudis call this region the Cradle of Gold, and they want to share it with you.

Familiar with the Arabian Shield, but haven’t found an opportunity?  We want to offer you the perfect opportunity to brand yourself as a participant and key player in the Middle Eastern market. 

If you have special mining techniques in exploration, development or mining operations, Saudi Arabia wants to partner with you.  Don’t let your competitors count you out of the Saudi Arabian plan for a City of Gold.

Why Saudi Arabia?

Strategic Alliance

  • Saudi Arabia is one of the Top 20 Emerging Mining Countries as cited by Business Monitor International
  • The Saudi Mining sector is advancing as the third pillar of the Saudi economy at a projected rate of 9.1%
  • Industrial Minerals is an essential segment of Saudi Arabia’s Non-Oil Mining sector, and its Saudi Diversification Plan
  • In its current Eighth Development Plan, the targeted growth rate of non-oil mining and quarrying is 7.9% (at constant 1999 prices) the highest growth rate compared to all other economic sectors

Unparalleled Opportunity

  • The Arabian Shield is equivalent in size to the Canadian Shield, roughly 1/3 the size of Saudi Arabia; its landscape consists mainly of out crops, wherein rocks are exposed near the surface
  • Saudi Arabia requires mineral processing technology, equipment and proven expertise: Mineral-based manufacturing has great potential; however, many industrial minerals are under-utilized due to the non-availability of technology
  • The Saudi mining industry is in need of consulting engineering companies and related equipment manufacturers/suppliers.

The wide range of selected Industrial Minerals to be mined include:

  • Feldspar and feldspathic sand
  • High purity quartz that has potential for further upgrading to produce fused quartz, cultured quartz, silicon and polysilicon
  • White mineral fillers such as talc, silica, wollastonite, and magnesite
  • Limestone, with upgrading to produce ground calcium carbonate (GCC) and products such as lime, hydrated lime, and dolime is sought
  • Basalt, with upgrading to products such as basalt fibre, composite materials, and tiles
  • Na-bentonite

Significant Developments – New Saudi Arabian Foreign Investment Act:

  • Foreign investors can own 100% of a business with or without a Saudi partner
  • Soft project-development loans are available
  • Profit taxes are reduced from 45% to 30%; losses can be forwarded indefinitely
  • Sizable domestic, regional and neighbouring markets in the Middle East and Asia for high grade, industrial raw materials from KSA
  • Six new economic cities are under construction; mineral processing and agriculture would be the core activities in new King Abdul Aziz Bin Musaed city

Why Connect With Us?
The Canada Export Centre is in contact with various Saudi organizations who are involved in the management of the exploration, processing and related infrastructure developments of the Mineral Resources Industry.

  • Deputy Ministry for Mineral Resources (DMMR)
  • Saudi Arabian National Mining Company (Maaden)

The Centre is connected to a number of private Saudi companies all of whom are interested in new business development with Canadian Mining Industry companies.

Uncertain of how you can take advantage of this opportunity? The Canada Export Centre is here to help you establish the most effective and profitable go to market strategy possible. We can help develop and most importantly execute the plan. Strong in-market trade teams turn interest into business.

Please contact the Canada Export Centre if you would like to build your international business.

Kind regards,

Mark Mensing

CEO, Canada Export Centre