For Those Who Need a Boost: Capitalize on the Negativity of Your Competition

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I have been sitting here this afternoon looking for some quality information to share with you about new export opportunities to be explored.

In the process I have been scanning newspaper articles, DFAIT information and EDC export forecasting. What struck me was the negativity in these pieces. It is precisely what my father warned me about 20 years ago…

…Don’t make the economy your excuse; let it be your competitors excuse.  Recognize there is greater opportunity now than ever; you just need to be creative.

Opportunities may not be as straight forward.

Instead of just looking for product sales, open your mind to:

Joint Venturing, Licensing, Competitor Purchasing and Relocation
Look at secondary markets where there may be less competition (Korean companies have done this exceedingly well).

My Dad used to tell me, Among man’s greatest abilities is his ability to change, adapt. It is those leaders of companies willing to not only embrace change but be the instruments of change that will be the leaders of our strongest companies.

Now that the summer is well over I challenge you to resolve to change your business and grow your business.

Change the way you engage people, especially those who do not speak English. It is the non-English speaking world that holds the key to our businesses future success.

In the past 12 months the Canada Export Centre has changed diametrically in response to market conditions and I am very happy to report that this past quarter has been the best we have ever had and I expect the next quarter to exceed last year’s total sales.

Maybe I am ignorant, but some of it has to be attributed to attitude and creativity not just dumb luck.

Kind regards,

Mark Mensing

CEO, Canada Export Centre

PS: Finally something positive! BMO Capital Markets (Nov 13th) reports Canadian Exports are now diversifying away from US.  The big story in this report was Canada’s diversification away from the United States. Exports to the EU and other OECD countries jumped 34% and 15%, respectively. Canada’s surplus with the U.S. narrowed to $2.1 bln, the second lowest in about 12 years. As U.S. consumption is likely to lag the global recovery, a shift towards other markets will be a key to Canadian exporters success.  Please click here to view the report.