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Accessibility to financing in the form of debt, equity, or another instrument entirely, is critical to building your business both here in Canada and abroad. Funds to facilitate growth, recapitalize a division, bridge finance a transaction, or secure a shareholders or owners exit from a business are all available through CEC’s relationships with private and institutional offshore capital.

I’m making an offer for purchase of a business, but need an equity partner to close.

By tapping into a vast, affluent network of private individuals who are interested in investing in rock-solid Canadian and American companies, CEC is able to facilitate equity financing for mergers and acquisitions. By obtaining off-shore funds for Canadian companies, CEC provides an alternative financing solution to traditional sources of funds, and grows foreign direct investment into Canada.

I have been unsuccessful with the banks, but still need a line of credit or debt to finance operations and grow.

Canadian banks are notorious for the conservative approach to lending. While valuable in the lead up to the Great Recession, these practices have choked capital from small and medium-sized, growing companies. CEC has successfully financed private companies in a diverse number of sectors who required the additional productivity, efficiency, or production throughput to turn a corner in profitability.

I won the deal! but I need bridge financing to pay my suppliers.

As many other SME’s do, you probably compete and win by offering the most attractive payment terms possible to your customers. Suppliers don’t always afford you the same benefit. CEC has been able to bridge this gap for manufacturers who need short-term debt financing to bridge a cash-flow discrepancy on a strategic transaction.

I want to sell, and exit my business.

Nearing the end of your working life? Wanting a change of pace or location? We have a sterling record of raising capital for private companies. We work closely with management and existing investors to secure a viable exit strategy, including end-to-end advisory while maintaining a rigorous due-dilligence/bidding process to achieve maximum valuations and successfully close transactions.

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