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You’ve done your homework on entering a new market, but don’t have the time to identify a reputable distributor or sales agent, nor do you have the internal capacity to sell directly.

CEC is an expert in all of these areas; with services designed for the end goal of generating sales for your business. With people on the ground and an internal team who specialize in generating direct sales for international companies, export revenue growth can be achievable, profitable and take less time then you budgeted for.

I’ve failed at finding a reputable distributor who will stock and move my product.

Signed an exclusive distribution agreement in a new market and seen zero sales? You’re not alone. Many distributors do not take on any risk or worse, they represent a number of competitive OEM-brands. Therefore few are incentivized to move your product. CEC has opened dozens of markets throughout Asia and the Americas for Canadian, Chinese, European, and American manufacturers with minimum opening order sizes of over USD$100K per market.

I signed an agreement with: “a guy who knew a guy”, it failed miserably.

It’s always easiest to go with “your guy”. Unfortunately, he is rarely the best, most honest, ethical, or reliable. With CEC’s massive database of sales agents, and hundreds of corporate and personal relationships from over a decade in generating real opportunities in international trade, we can locate, vet and negotiate agreements that are in your best interest. We are able to identify the organizations and individuals who will have the strategic relationships and insider knowledge that will close the business you’re looking for.

I don’t have the time, resources, or language skills to build direct sales.

CEC’s head office in Vancouver is fluent in 7 languages. Our team spends roughly 50% of their time overseas; traveling and meeting directly with end-users. Our 11 partner offices are located in markets that are strategic for our practice. Our team members are adept at cultural sensitivities, historically strong and familiar with large and complex capital projects, are passionate in growing successful ventures with our clients.

I haven’t been successful at cracking a specific portion of the market.

Is a large government or state-owned enterprise contract pending and you haven’t found the right person?

Is a new greenfield capital project underway within a multi-national whose Head Office is in a country you can’t speak with?

CEC often undertakes strategic, specific initiatives with a highly detailed scope of work. Our sales consulting practice cracked many eggs and opened many board-room doors that companies themselves were unable to gain access to for years.

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