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Nothing can replace a strong partnership.

Whether you’re looking for in-country technicians for installation of equipment, post-service warranty support, or a custom manufacturer for a specific part, CEC has the resources and network to find it for you.

Having vetted, used and partnered with everything from customs clearance agents with experience in Morocco to a process engineering firms in Chile, CEC can help you navigate your search.

My factory is under-performing. I need someone who can conduct a quality assurance audit and make recommendations.

The expense of traveling between countries to ensure your factory is reaching it’s quotas or conducting QA/QC audits, can add up very quickly.

With CEC’s network of factories from its consulting and research practice and own internal partners throughout East-Asia, we have been able to find, build, operate and sell facilities. We are familiar with production processes with the highest tolerances and most stringent regulatory compliance standards.

Our partners are often contracted to vet other suppliers, make recommendations and keep vendors honest for our clients.

My suppliers won’t give me terms. I need a partner to help finance my manufacturing.

A strategic financing partner who can deploy cash locally and ensure products leave the factory on time can make or break a business. By structuring sourcing relationships where CEC and our partners would be responsible to finance transactions can solve this problem.

My last logistics provider in Brasil dropped the ball. I need someone who has experience in this market.

Professional service providers that can be relied upon are invaluable. CEC’s transaction volume provides us leverage to build stronger relationships with providers and ensure proper confidentiality is kept, the paperwork is completed correctly and on time and that someone is at Port or the Terminal when the product arrives.

CEC manages logistics for ongoing and custom one-off transactions as the Power of Attorney or in partnership with the company’s suppliers for numerous companies exporting and importing from North America.

Negotiating with the Chinese is exhausting. can’t someone do it on my behalf?

If you have ever sat through a lunch-time Baijou showdown, or a long night at the KTV, you’ll know what we mean.

Fortunately, we have people and partners that enjoy doing both! CEC has led negotiations and high touch engagements in a number of sectors. We have built a solid-track record for our advisory practice by establishing win-win scenarios and maximizing the likelihood of coming to a close.

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