Export Sales Development


Establishing a direct sales channel to end-users and cutting out middle-men is a productive and healthy strategy to strengthen the conduit of information, and ensure communications are to the quality and abundance your company needs.

However, not every organization has the capabilities and readiness to undergo this type of expansion without it pulling resources away from the existing lines of business. In fact, even the recruitment process for identifying an Export Sales Manager with the right qualifications, relationships and language proficiencies can take months and thousands of dollars.

CEC has assembled a team of diverse individuals that has allowed our organization to grow a deep and broad network of relationships in international trade development and within strategic sectors of focus, including: industrial minerals, oil and gas, construction and heavy equipment, engineering, manufacturing, oil & gas, forestry, pulp and paper, mining, smelting, paints and plastics and real estate.

By leveraging CEC’s team and network, your organization can accelerate the assembly of a direct sales channel in your target export market and effectively track your results.



Niagara Region Wine Company – Direct Export Sales (Asia)
CAD$1M+/year in sales to Asia, with a market focus in China and Korea
  • Ontario-based wine maker leveraged CEC’s internal team to represent their brand directly to wholesalers, retailers and at international tradeshows; our team members received all Asian inquiries for purchase, fielded calls, was responsible for outbound sales and distribution.

If the design and implementation of a direct sales channel is not feasible, arranging an alternative solution by identification of an agent or distributor can be another viable option. Unfortunately, this process is often not as transparent or reliable as many organizations anticipate.

Challenges often arise after an agreement has been signed. Maybe the agent is not active enough, or the distributor not moving their prescribed minimum volumes, or your partner is disclosing information or acting unethically. All of these are problems that can be avoided by undergoing a methodical and objective examination of potential candidates with the assistance of CEC.

By vetting your agents, distributors or referral partners in advance, and in a competitive environment, your organization can save vital time between the execution of an agreement and profitability from the export plan.



Ontario Bypass Oil Filter OEM – Latin America Channel Development
USD$1M+ in opening distributor orders in Mexico; + 11 other Latin American markets successfully entered with total sales of USD$550K
  • CEC’s services were retained for rolling 90-day market-entry, sales channel development projects, which goal was to identify, vet, engage and negotiate with potential distribution candidates that would place an opening order to stock the OEM’s products.
  • Every market that CEC was contracted to open, we were successful.

Negotiation is often a complex, subject, cultural act that varies widely between industries, countries, even cities in some cases. If you’re conscious of the cultural differences between Toronto and Vancouver or LA and New York City, then you shouldn’t be surprised that negotiation tactics need to be appraised, and applied quite differently between Guatemala and Malaysia.

CEC is a master at cultural appropriation. Our team members are taught to mimic, and adopt cultural sensitivities when abroad. This provides us an extensive, and deployable negotiation tool-kit that can be contracted and leveraged by companies who desire to utilize our experience and time well spent abroad.

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