Canada Export Centre Successfully Connected with Foreign Embassies and Consulates

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Recently, the Canada Export Centre was contacted by nine embassies and consulates (Chile, Argentina, Haiti, Honduras, Pakistan, Panama, Egypt, Guatemala and Equator) who represent foreign countries in Canada and a member of the TFO of Montreal (expert in trade with developing countries). These foreign executives were in search how their home countries could conduct business effectively and successfully across Canada and were additionally seeking how they can find direct foreign investment.

trade commissionarsThe Canada Export Centre, which was founded in 2004, was first established to help Canadian companies do business abroad. With that being said, over the years, the Canada Export Centre has grown and evolved tremendously, now having 10 overseas offices. The Canada Export Centre is now an extremely well-established company with a highly trained team of professionals, customized services and business tools, which now due to our strong experience and expertise also facilitates and aids international countries doing business in North America.

The Canada Export Centre is in fact one of the only 100% Canadian private companies to offer expertise in marketing intelligence within the Canadian market, which includes aiding companies before entering the market, leading to the generation of new revenues. With our strong expertise in international development, we ensure success by staying present in all of our customer’s projects from the complete beginning until the very end.

The presentation, led by Gerardo Sacramento, Business Development Manager for the Canada Export Centre in the Quebec region began by discussing the many opportunities present in North America, and the many advantages that would arise if a partnership was set in place.

Gerardo first stated that “In Canada, wetrade commissionarshave strong assets to help foreign governments to achieve their objectives when looking for potential partners and Canadian investors to setup their branches in other countries.” This can be proven by some of Canada Export Centre’s previous projects, which have involved working successfully with the South Korean, Chinese and Brazilian governments. Gerardo continued to explain that “At the Canada Export Centre, we know and understand the market, language, culture, and the business opportunities in North America. Furthermore, Gerardo presented in further detail the services of the Canada Export Centre. He explained that “We have a strong database of about 50,000 Canadian companies and a corporate finance team who structures international joint ventures and arranges mergers and acquisitions. In addition, we are also an import centre, even if that is not reflected by our company name.”

The following are a few of examples of the many questions which were asked during the presentation:

  • Wendy Rivera from the General Consulate of Honduras asked “What is the best strategy to locate the right company willing to set up a branch office in Honduras?”
  • Martin Lutereau from the General Consulate of Pakistan asked “Could you help us set up the agenda for 11 to 15 companies?”
  • Nilda Larsson from the General Consulate of Argentina asked “Could you locate a group of Canadian investors willing to invest in Latin or South America?”

To conclude, Canada represents many opportunities for foreign partners, in different main industries, such as: aerospace, agribusiness, automotive, construction, metal processing, software, and telecommunications.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact the Canada Export Centre for further details on how our experienced team can aid your company or government entity on reaching further success!