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Canada Export Centre is pleased to announce the opening of our second Canadian office in Drummondville, Quebec, to help facilitate further bilateral trade for Canada Export Centre clients.

This is an excellent opportunity to strengthen overseas business and leverage the effective use and flow of capital, manufacturing and services. One of our mandates is to foster trade and business throughout Canada and this new office will assist with eastern Canadian clients in both buying and selling.

Canada Export Centre generates sales for clients and provides customized in-market work, research, matchmaking, strategic support and attracts investment for our clients. The first quarter of 2010 has been the most successful we have ever experienced. Since January 2010, we have signed up 15 new clients, initiated discussions in nine countries with potential transactions valued over $87 million in opportunities for our clients, and closed over $46 million of business deals. These transactions and new clients are involved in construction and building materials, food and beverage, chemicals, paper, mining, health products, and environmental technologies.

Our vision is to help our customers, both sellers and buyers, pursue global competitiveness in the high velocity IT-enabled business environment that is our reality today, and help them solidify trading partners, joint ventures, market intelligence, or financing opportunities in the fastest and most cost-effective manner possible. While technology plays an important part, we find that personal relationships are key.

Our new office in Drummondville, Quebec is strategically located to capitalize on enormous growth opportunities in eastern Canada. Our Quebec team will help with deeper trade support, market intelligence, business matching, and negotiations all with the goal of increasing sales for our clients. As part of our services, the Quebec office can provide sales representatives for our clients and partners.

While this office is involved in many industry sectors, there is a particular focus on the following: construction and infrastructure, food and beverage, environmental technologies, energy and natural resources.

Our Québec team consists of Director, Trade Development, Mr. Gerardo Reyna Sacramento. Gerardo has been established in Quebec since 2003 with a degree in Business Administration plus a Certificate in Financial Management and a vast overseas business experience, such as in Mexico, Morocco and United Arabs Emirates.

Gerardo is available to meet companies situated in Quebec and other Eastern Canadian provinces seeking to generate new off-shore revenues and optimize business results. To reach Gerardo, please email[email protected] or call 819-850-0790.