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diggerCanada Export Centre completed a project aimed at identifying how mining supplies and equipment are sold in Mexico.

Over the past couple of weeks, our Latin American team conducted interviews with several procurement managers of producing mines. The major question was, “Given foreign ownership in your facility does that impact your equipment and supply purchasing habits?”

In every case, these managers stated that although they have foreign ownership, all procurement decisions are the responsibility of the Mexican JV partner or Mexican subsidiary. We also followed up with several public companies with interests in Mexico and got confirmation that purchasing is done by their Mexican operations.

All buyers interviewed expressed an openness regarding looking at Canadian companies as purchasing options.  Several individuals said, “We are interested in everything, but price is obviously going to be a major consideration.”

Other Facts listed below were compiled and cross referenced from 3 different Mexican sources:

  • Mines in Production: 110
  • Exploration Projects: 680
  • Projects being proposed: 83

Of the producing mines, ownership (either wholly or partially):

  • Argentina: 3
  • Canada: 41
  • USA: 19
  • Japan: 2
  • Peru: 2
  • India: 4
  • UK: 1
  • Mexico: 38

Supply Chain
There are 373 companies currently operating in Mexico supplying mining companies: These companies include manufacturing reps, agents, distributors, and manufacturing offices.

One of the keys to developing a successful sales initiative includes analyzing potential channel partners against those of your competitors.

If your company is interested in pursuing opportunities in mining in Mexico or other Latin American countries we would be happy to discuss your goals with you.


Mark Mensing

President & CEO